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Author: Justin Plappert

Lenders Point of View Blog Rabbet

The Construction Process from the Lender’s Point of View

The business of lending is built on one part trust, one part faith and a whole lot of underwriting. Lenders have a commodity most developers desperately need to get their... Read More

SBA Loan Blog Rabbet

The Difference Between SBA 7a and SBA 504 Loans

Small business owners have a variety of options to choose from when they’re looking for additional funds. This can be a good thing…but it can also be overwhelming. Two of... Read More

Monthly Schedule Blog Post

Keep Your Project on Track with a Clear Monthly Schedule

Schedules do two things: they create accountability and they ensure your project adheres to the pre-established parameters – namely, timeline and budget. There’s one little problem with this. A schedule... Read More

Automation Blog Rabbet

The Future of Automation in Construction Finance

It’s every business’ goal to do things quicker, easier, cheaper. Construction finance is no different, especially as developers face increased materials costs, a labor shortage and now a pandemic. Fortunately,... Read More

Rabbet Lender Document Blog V

Lenders: Be Mindful of the Documentation You’re Requiring

The terms “construction” and “loan” often evoke images of endless paperwork. Combine the two, and that paperwork can amount to a small forest. Significant documentation will always be a part... Read More

Rabbet Big Value for Small Project Blog V

Rabbet’s Big Value for Small Projects

Sometimes the smallest savings can yield the biggest results, and our clients have definitely found that to be true of Rabbet. Regardless of your project’s size, Rabbet can make the... Read More

7 Tips for Managing Change Orders

7 Tips for Managing Change Orders

Change orders are often viewed as a necessary evil when it comes to successfully developing a project. That’s because it can be difficult to complete a large-scale construction project without... Read More

Economy Payment Slow Blog Post

Do Payments Slow as the Economy Slows?

Everyone has concerns when the economic outlook isn’t as good as it could be – or has been. These concerns can be exacerbated during the current pandemic as rules and... Read More

Rabbet Leverage Technology V

How Developers Leverage Technology to Gain 24/7 Visibility into Construction Finances

There is a lot on the line when it comes to your project’s construction finances. Securing the loan is one hurdle you have to overcome on your path toward project... Read More

Rabbet for Construction Loan Monitoring Groups

Why You Should Consolidate Portfolio Data in One Place

Tracking data is like keeping track of socks on laundry day. No matter how hard you try, when you go to put your laundry away, lo and behold there is... Read More