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Category: Machine Learning in Banking

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Your Construction Loans Don’t Get A Summer Vacation

Is your office empty these days? For a large number of employees, summer vacation season is an important time of the year when they are able to get their head... Read More

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Contract Simply Product Demo Video

Curious to see what machine learning in banking looks like for construction lenders and borrowers? We were too, so we built technology that combines AI and machine learning to change... Read More

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Example of Machine Learning in Banking and Construction Loan Management

In this example, a bank, let’s call them First Federal, is a commercial construction lender with a $500M portfolio. They manage dozens of loans and the deluge of administrative tasks... Read More

Three Loan Servicing Challenges and Process Automation Solutions

Three Loan Servicing Challenges and Process Automation Solutions

We recently attended the American Banker-hosted webcast Addressing Market Needs for Business Process Automation. The focal point of the panel discussion revolved around research conducted by Dana Jackson, Vice President... Read More

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Top Five Uses of Construction Loan Management Software

We find that the Fed typically reports about half of the actual lending commitments. So, with U.S. commercial real estate and land development lending volume approaching $660B (add another $200B for residential),... Read More

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Machine Learning in Banking and Construction Loan Administration

One of the hottest trends right now is machine learning in banking. The eye-opening implications technological advances like machine learning have on construction loan administration and process automation are now... Read More