Commercial Real Estate Software in NYC

Rabbet – Software for Commercial Real Estate Developers

Commercial Real Estate Software in NYCIt’s important to get deep and accurate insights into your commercial real estate projects so you and your team can improve investment performance and manage risk. Commercial real estate development has a lot of risk and time constraints. One of the biggest labor-inducing tasks include searching for documents, preparing draw packages, and reconciling data across spreadsheets.

On top of the time devoted to these manual tasks is the issue of ensuring the information is up to date and error free. Rabbet’s machine-learning driven software provides a solution that improves efficiency by reducing manual tasks and providing an automated, easy to use, platform that centralizes all aspects of your commercial real estate project.

Rabbet Saves Time on Your Real Estate Projects

Say goodbye to stress and say hello to Rabbet. Rabbet provides commercial real estate software for developers in NYC that will accelerate your project to the next level. Rabbet eliminates the manual labor involved with real estate project management while giving accurate information quickly and reliably.  With Rabbet you have complete confidence knowing that your project is nicely organized throughout the entire development process!

Real Estate Project ManagementOur all-in-one platform allows you to:

  • Manage costs
  • Find quick answers for your partners
  • Check all project finances in one place
  • Saves time
  • Organized documentation
  • Dedicate support from the Rabbet Team

Rabbet’s commercial real estate software has everything you need and more to accurately manage and complete your development projects while eliminating hours of redundant work.

Rabbet offers big value for all-size projects! No matter how big or small your real estate project is, Rabbet’s software can provide you with the competitive advantage. With Rabbet you can create projects, configure their budgets, identify funding resources, specify rules, and even receive finance guidance for your projects, all in one central location.

Rabbet can handle invoices, pay applications, provide quick and accurate loan information, and seamlessly coordinate all aspects of your commercial real estate project. Rabbet even issues alerts for potential errors. Rabbet does the tracking for approvals, budgeting adjustments, deadlines, and so much more all through a single user-friendly platform – saving you time and money.

Features of Rabbit Commercial Real Estate Software

Rabbet offers an array of features for any sized project – whether in the millions or hundreds of millions. As a leading commercial real estate software in NYC, trusted by QED investors and clients such as Goldman Sachs, it has everything you and your team require for success. Features include:

  • Pre-development tracking
  • Anticipated cost reporting
  • Funding source management
  • Draw approvals
  • Funding source allocation
  • Third-party access
  • Exposure tracking
  • Cash flow projections

Rabbet can help you and your team get the job done for any commercial real estate project in New York City. Our expert support will assist you with any questions that you have.

Request a free no-obligation consultation today and get started saving time and money with Rabbet.