Contract Simply is now Rabbet. Learn more.

Contract Simply Product Demo Video

Contract Simply is now Rabbet. We’re the same company – just with a new name – building the only intelligent construction finance platform. The content of this post has been preserved with the Contract Simply name.

Curious to see what machine learning in banking looks like for construction lenders and borrowers? We were too, so we built technology that combines AI and machine learning to change the face of construction loan management forever.

By connecting the dots between budgets, invoices, and lien releases, Contract Simply can help predict future issues and confirm everything is on track in minutes instead of days.

Seeing is believing! Check out the video below and afterward we’ll set up a time to show you how it works with your draw documents.


Contract Simply’s software also digitizes invoices and lien waivers and automates 1099 tax reporting. These tools help reduce time-consuming tasks related to payment distribution and document collection while also expediting payments to contractors.

You’ve got to see it to believe it. Ask for your live demo today!

About Contract Simply

Contract Simply provides process automation software to mitigate risk in construction loans. By reading documents, coordinating approvals, and tracking payments, our software creates efficiencies and identifies opportunities to limit exposure for construction lenders and borrowers. Built in Austin, Contract Simply’s award-winning software cuts days from the construction back-office operations while ensuring compliance and reduced liability for everyone involved.  Get started with a live demo today.