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Growth Continues for Residential Construction Loans

Growth Continues for Residential Construction Loans

The demand for construction loans has seen a steady growth over the past few years, and recent analysis shows the trend continuing in 2018. According to a study conducted by... Read More

Best Practices for Avoiding Fraud

Best Practices for Avoiding Fraud

Security is a top priority at Contract Simply. In a world where fraud is rampant, we must constantly think about ways to keep ourselves, the companies we work for, and... Read More

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White Paper: Future-Proof Your Construction Lending Program

The United States is experiencing one of the most prolonged economic growth cycles on record. This cycle has led to an expansion of the commercial construction industry with growth expected... Read More

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Key Construction Loan Management Terms

One of the main problems we’ve encountered in our work is the general lack of familiarity and understanding of basic construction loan terms. To be honest, we understand why the... Read More

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Your Construction Loans Don’t Get A Summer Vacation

Is your office empty these days? For a large number of employees, summer vacation season is an important time of the year when they are able to get their head... Read More

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What to Review When Originating a Land Development Loan

Land development loans provide financing for the purchase of raw land, as well as its development for future construction or sale. Unlike residential and commercial construction, the goal of land... Read More

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What to Review When Originating a Residential Construction Loan

Residential construction is the development of real estate for living whereas commercial building is intended for commerce. Traditionally, community banks handle the vast majority of residential construction loans. These are... Read More

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Construction Loan Administration Jobs for July 25 2018

Contract Simply likes to share a few of the most current and interesting job opportunities for construction loan administration. These listings focus on construction administrative services, loan disbursement process, and construction administrator... Read More

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What is a draw request?

Managing the flow of funds within a construction loan is much different than for traditional loans. Rather than receiving a lump sum check, construction loans pay out the loan amount... Read More

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What To Review When Originating a Commercial Construction Loan

With real estate market trends indicating a steady growth for the near future, interest in construction loans is bound to remain steady as well. This type of loan is given... Read More