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Cash Flow Projections

Model the budget spending forecast and incorporate actuals throughout the life of the project to confidently plan the cash flow needs.

Rabbet’s powerful and intuitive budget forecasting tool automatically updates based on actual costs, which helps you quickly monitor project progress and forecast capital needs.

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Product Features

Cost Modeling

The costs contemplated in the project budget are modeled throughout the life of the project based on time and rate parameters. Both the graphical visualization and data set can be exported and shared.

Tracking Actuals

The projection can be reforested effortlessly throughout the life of the project to incorporate the actuals. This continuous projection process provides the most current and accurate forecast of the monthly costs and capital needs until the project is complete.

Capital Source Projection

Rabbet compares the cash flow projection against the configured funding sources to outline the predicted capital contributions from each source. Changes to the budget and incorporation of actuals provide the most accurate projection of the timing and exhaustion of capital for the project.