Rabbet Financial Mockups Contract Tracking

Contract Tracking

Make confident financial decisions by capturing and contextualizing anticipated cost data from vendor contracts, change orders, and exposures.

Empower all project decision makers with the most current financial information. A full view of vendor contracts and change orders, along with graphical visualizations, enables internal decision making and effortless sharing with external clients and partners. All potential costs and exposures can be captured whenever a user first becomes aware of those costs.

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Product Features

Vendor Contracts

Rabbet provides a system to track and review the critical details associated with vendor contracts. The commitment with a vendor includes all original contracts and subsequent changes or addendums.

Change Order Log

Rabbet provides a system for recording and updating changes in their various stages: exposure, potential, executed. This data is consolidated in a single change order log that summarizes the value and time implications of the changes.

Anticipated Cost Report

A high-fidelity analysis of the financial needs of a project requires consideration of vendor contracts, change orders, exposures, and out-of-contract costs. These data points are combined in Rabbet to provide the forward-looking anticipated cost report.