Rabbet Financial Mockups Document Management

Document Management

Index documents by their data to enable automatic connections to the designated financial decision making tools, reporting systems, and payment processes.

Structured document storage in Rabbet is not just classifying and organizing files for easy retrieval, but connecting the documents to financial management tools, analytical workflows, and automated alerts. Rabbet is the solution that finally optimizes document flow for construction projects.

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Product Features

Structured Data

The foundation of document organization is the digitization of critical information from those documents. Rabbet captures this critical data and then organizes it within the most relevant context.

OCR Technology

Optical character recognition is a general digital technology that Rabbet deploys to classify, and extract the critical data from, core finance documents such as pay apps and invoices so that these documents can be automatically structured without manual entry.

Email to Rabbet

A custom project email address can be provided to any vendors or borrowers that regularly submit invoices, pay apps, and supporting documents. Rabbet provides interface to easily triage the email body, invoices and pay apps into the applicable activity in the project.