Rabbet Financial Mockups Loan Administration

Loan Administration

Organize, index, and standardize your borrower’s draw package creating a package that is thorough yet efficient to review allowing draws to be funded in accordance with the loan covenants.

Rabbet provides a simple submittal portal for borrowers to upload their draw package directly to Rabbet to reduce the document classification and basic data entry. Loan administration teams can automate covenant compliance checks. You can even streamline your inspection process by collaborating with the site inspector to identify discrepancies between site details and the borrower request.

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Product Features

Covenant Compliance

Loan administration teams are alerted to out-of-compliance data during the draw review so that action can be taken with the borrower. Rabbet also provides the flexibility to track and document the instances when covenants are deliberately ignored.

Borrower and Inspection Portals

Rabbet provides a structured, easy access, and configurable portal for the borrower to submit the draw request. Rabbet also provides a portal where relevant site inspection details can be captured digitally in the project. This includes a progress % for hard cost line items, narrative fields, change order review, and site photos.


Approval mechanisms exist throughout Rabbet to provide a system that aligns with a customer’s governance structure. Any number of approver users can be configured on a project and the time stamp of each approval is captured.