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Budget tracking

Configurable project rules and types

Commitments and contract tracking

Basic rules

Configurable reports and views

Cash flow projections

Draw reports template

Branded experience

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Portfolio Visibility
Configurable Budget Setup
Work with the line items and divisions in your existing budget— we know no two projects are the same.
Light-Weight Third Party Access
Standard Template Draw Report
Use Rabbet's own Construction Progress Report template to update your clients with each draw
Budget Adjustments & Tracking
View all budget details in one place, including original budget, previous adjustment, current adjustments, and reallocations.
Retainage Management
Get transparency into current and cumulative amounts withheld by vendor and line item.
Configurable Reports & Views
Create configurable reports and views to quickly see the metrics most relevant to you and your team. Reports can be configured into an infinite number of variations.
Export to Excel or CSV
Easily export all Rabbet data to individual or bulk PDFs or spreadsheets.
Third Party Access
Coordinate with third-party construction loan monitor and inspectors.
Efficient Draw Management
Funding Source Allocation
Specify all project funding sources amounts, organizations and logic of use on the project. Rabbet automatically allocates costs based on pari passu or first/second/etc. logic.
Internal Draw Approval Tracking
Track internal approval workflows within Rabbet. This allows the ability to add notes, notifications, and alerts to easily coordinate amongst the team.
Lien Waiver Tracking
Reconcile conditional, unconditional, partial and final lien waivers quickly for both general contractors, subcontractors and vendors.
Automatic Invoice to Line-item Assignment
Rabbet learns where your documents go on your project and will automatically assign them to the relevant line item. I.e. the Architect invoice will be attached to the architecture line item.
Draw History / Automatic Rollover
View all historical draw data and automatically carry over information for reconciliation. This eliminates the need to maintain formulas and tabs in spreadsheets.
Document Classification
Rabbet automatically classifies documents into the individuals documents, i.e. invoice, lien release, etc. This allows you to keep all portfolio information organized and referenceable.
Document Data Extraction
Rabbet uses machine learning, AI, and OCR to digitize hundreds of documents in seconds. This reduces manual entry and makes more data accessible for risk monitoring.
Detailed Use Tracking
Indicate which funding sources can be used on which line items on the project. This provides a complete record of where each dollar went on the project.
Configurable Document Recognition
Train Rabbet to recognize custom document types that are unique to your organization such as cover sheets or invoice statements.
Contract and Agreement Tracking
Track project buyout with associated contracts, work orders, purchase orders, etc. at a vendor and line item level.
Risk Moinitoring
Standard Automated Rules
Configure automated logic based on your loan covenants and compliance requirements. Rabbet scans all draw information and alerts users to triggered issues.
Automated Alerts to Issues or Rule Violations
Get alerted in real time for missing documents, rule violations, reconciliation errors, and more.
Configurable Rules & Covenants
Configure custom rules based on your specific loan covenants and compliance requirements that are not included in our base rules configuration.
Project Forecasting
Track projected cash flows to actual cash flows over time. Ability to report on projected cash flows at the portfolio level.
Customized Project Report
Ability to generate a branded report that is designed to include the data fields and text required for a complete report.
Add On Available
Add On Available
Add On Available
Expert Guidance
Unlimited Users
Drive collaboration across your team with unlimited internal users.
Configurable User Permissions
Set clear permissions for project access, approvals, budget adjustments, and more.
Expert Support
Construction finance experts available by phone, email or in-app chat.
Knowledge Base
Extensive library of written, visual, and recorded content that documents functionality throughout Rabbet.
Live Webinars
Live interactive webinars offering deep dives into specific content and/or functionality.
Dedicated Training
Private training session with a construction finance expert to help you get the most from Rabbet.
Co-Branded Experience
Ability to add your logo and company colors to the Rabbet interface as well as system emails.

Frequently Asked Questions

We already have a project management system and/or an accounting system. Why is Rabbet different?

Rabbet is purpose-built for managing construction finances and compliments your existing project management and accounting tools. Because Rabbet automatically parses information from documents, you can get all the benefits of automatic reconciliation, instant compliance, and easy approvals without duplicating your work in these other systems.

Do my clients have to use Rabbet?

Rabbet is the only construction finance platform that offers a standalone experience for construction loan monitoring groups. The platform makes it easier for you to aid and inform clients with less effort, and does not require your clients to access the platform.

Can I use Rabbet for existing projects?

Yes! You never need to utter the words, “I wish I found this sooner.” The platform works seamlessly with inflight loans. Loading historical draws is not required, but we do recommend it to improve your portfolio reporting experience. It’s easy to onboard project history yourself, or our team can get you set up.

Why did you build Rabbet?

In the US, contractors finance more than 54 days of accounts receivables on average — the longest of any industry. This is an undue burden on small businesses and an untapped opportunity for lenders. Rabbet works to speed construction loan funding to benefit everyone involved in construction financing.

Increase Client Satisfaction. Improve Productivity. Gain Visibility.

  • 50% less data entry
  • 75% less time managing documents
  • 1 place to track everything
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