It’s time to digitize construction finance

Through intelligent automation of the construction draw process, our platform eases administrative burden while connecting everyone with accurate information faster.

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How It Works

Rabbet parses complex documents

Developers upload draw documents to Rabbet throughout the month. Rabbet classifies the documents, extracts all relevant information, and structures it neatly into a contextualized format.

How it works 1

Intelligent review and easy approvals for developers

Draw preparers correct reconciliation errors detected by Rabbet, send for internal approvals and submit the Contextualized Construction Draw to the lenders.

How it works 2

Informed decisions and faster disbursements for lenders

Lenders review the Contextualized Construction Draw, paying special attention to areas of the highest risk. Rabbet is trained to conform to each project’s specific requirements.

How it works 3

One source of truth for all real estate stakeholders

With all project information centralized, lenders and developers are able to leverage unprecedented data to quickly transact, document, reconcile, report, and audit their construction finances.

How it works 4

How it works 5
product new experience

A New Experience: The Contextualized Construction Draw

The Contextualized Construction Draw format (CCDF) connects construction information like never before. This new standard links relevant information from the budget, pay applications, invoices, and lien releases. With CCDF, it is easy to review requested amounts, track retainage, and confirm supporting documents for each line item, ultimately leading to better decisions made faster.

Platform Features

Document Classification

Categorizes hundreds of pages in seconds

Information Extraction

Parses relevant information from documents

Multiple Funding Sources

Supports adding unlimited funding sources and tracks uses at a line item level

Rules Compliance

Verifies documents against individual lender standards

Budget Reconciliation

Bundles invoices and lien waivers for each line item

Package Reviews

Manages approvals with internal and external parties

Portfolio Reporting

Structures data for fast portfolio insights

Advanced Security

Two-factor authentication and AES-256 bit encryption

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“The platform learns our specific lender requirements, ensuring that our borrowers submit flawless requests with less effort. Combined with the ease of reviewing requests, we can approve and fund draws in a fraction of the time."

Ryan Pressley

Vice President, Commercial Real Estate Lending

Bank Leumi USA

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"Our lender introduced us to Rabbet for a single project, and we couldn't be more excited about the platform. It takes the headache out of keeping up with various lender requirements — who doesn't want that? We're expanding it to our entire portfolio."

Rae Aurora

Project Manager

Rybak Development