Rabbet Financial Mockups Team Collaboration

Team Collaboration

Centralize communications, capture contextual details, and manage core project finance tasks for both internal and external collaborators.

Draw attention to your most urgent tasks. Rabbet provides native commenting and chat capabilities that centralize project communications and captures vital contextual information alongside the underlying data.

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Product Features

Project Chat and Tasks

The chat is a continuous thread of commentary by all users that access the project. Users can be @mentioned in commenting boxes throughout the budget and documents products. A document is assigned to a user and they are notified that the document needs their review.

Third Party Access

TPA is the sharing of access to a Rabbet project with a user from outside the paying customer’s organization. Examples include lenders inviting borrowers to access the project and developers inviting equity partners.

Custom Branding

The branding of the Rabbet experience can reflect the customer’s brand in both the interface and downloaded data. Branding the interface is valuable for large orgs because it signals to their employees that the technology is tailored to the organization’s needs.