Software for Real Estate Development in NYC

Know Your Real Estate Development Projects, Under One Platform with Rabbet

Software for Real Estate Development in NYCReal estate development is difficult and there is a lot that needs to be considered – finances for construction projects, change orders, ensuring information is up to date. Development teams can spend hours just handling the stress of searching through documents and emails for information. Rabbet provides all-in-one software for real estate development projects in NYC that streamlines this process and make it more efficient.

With Rabbet you spend less time digging through spreadsheets, scattered documents, PDFs, and emails. Instead, you unlock instant visibility for your project’s finances and status all under a single software platform.

Rabbet Gives a Complete Picture of Your Real Estate Projects

You should be able to handle all aspects of your real estate development with ease. We know that real estate development is filled with risks and constant change. It gets stressful but you should be spending your time efficiently rather than searching through scattered documents and project history trying to find the information you need.

Rabbet provides a software solution that mitigates these risks and eliminates manual work, saving you time and money. Rabbet provides an all-in-one software solution, built on machine learning that provides automatic document reading, budget tracking, draw preparation, and more. Rabbet’s user-friendly software is easy to learn and will provide your business with greater control of your real estate development projects.

Rabbet is an All-in-One Software Solution for Real Estate Developers

You can say hello to efficiency because our software for real estate development provides New Yorkers with an all-in-one solution – providing everything you need in one software package. Rabbet manages costs, change orders, lien waivers, draw requests, and capital tracking. Our customers consistently spend up to 75% less time managing documents and 50% less time focusing on manual work.

This empowers you and your team to eliminate redundant work and data entry and instead focus on what really matters. Having all project finances and quick answers in an all-in-one software increases times and the opportunity for your team to seamlessly coordinate.

Flawless Project Finance Tracking

Rabbet offers a machine learning driven solution for flawless finance tracking for real estate projects. It doesn’t matter if a project is in the millions or hundreds of millions, Rabbet’s software gives you the competitive advantage. As well, we have a team of experts ready to provide guidance. Rabbet software tracks billions of dollars in real estate projects each year and is trusted by sources such as Goldman Sachs. With Rabbet you are in good hands – our customers’ success is our highest priority.

Draw Requests Made Easy

The draw process comes in a variety of forms. At Rabbet, we understand that all organizations have individual needs regarding setting up projects and that capital partner requirements rules vary. However, one thing remains a constant – spending less time digging through scattered documents and having the information needed accurately and immediately available allows for more efficient project management – which equals saving money.

Rabbet’s draw packaging feature allows you to accelerate the process of reporting for your projects. The result is no searching for documents or worries about outdated documents. Rabbet’s draw software can handle it all. Rabbet’s automatic A.I. driven system helps you get the most out of your real estate projects without the typical stress involved in large-scale projects.

Get a Free Demo and Accelerate Your Real Estate Projects

Contact Rabbet today to learn more about how our software can accelerate your real estate development project in NYC. Spend less time managing documents and centralize your project information under an all-one-solution, making you more efficient – saving time and money. We are ready to answer any questions or provide a free no-obligation demo demonstrating how Rabbet can help you.