Rabbet Financial Mockups Draws Reports

Draws and Reports

Configure approval workflows and automatically package your structured project finance data into shareable loan draws and investor reports.

Communicating important information to clients and owners, though integral, is time-consuming and challenging. Creating a project or owner’s report that summarizes the overall progress and financial picture of the project is fast and simple thanks to out-of-the-box and custom templates. Rabbet provides a workflow to organize, download and share a draw request with project lenders and equity partners.

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Product Features

Draw Packaging

Managing all project budget activities and indexing the various cost, finance, and legal documents in Rabbet simplifies the package of a draw to your capital partners. Organize, download, and share with your partners a draw package that includes all supporting documentation, a budget summary, and table of contents.


Thanks to document data indexing, a connected project budget, and commitments tracking, Rabbet can perform automated checks of the project finance data.

Project Report

Rabbet populates the finance data from Budgets, Commitments, etc alongside narrative fields completed by the user to automatically create and download a report. Without Rabbet, this process takes hours each month or quarter. Users can either use a generic or custom report template to cut the time spent on this activity to minutes.