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Category: Construction Finance Management

2024 State of Construction Finance Report

Risk Management and Efficiency Key Priorities for CRE Developers and Lenders in 2024

The world of construction finance is rapidly evolving, and 2024 brought some pivotal shifts that are reshaping how developers and lenders operate in the commercial real estate (CRE) space. From... Read More

Reflecting on 2023, Looking Ahead to 2024

Reflecting on 2023, Looking Ahead to 2024

Twelve months ago, I reflected on the difficulties in investing in CRE due to the uncertainty in the market and current status of the T-bill in my white paper “Maximizing... Read More

Rabbet 2023 Construction Payments Report

Solving the $273 Billion Challenge: Construction Payments Insight for 2023

Every year, Rabbet releases our Construction Payments Report which shares insights into the growing costs from slow payments in the U.S. Construction Industry. The 2023 report reinforces how critical it... Read More

The Real Estate Developers Handbook: Anticipated Cost Tracking in Rabbet Reports Made Easy

Rabbet was built to ensure proper centralization of your information, to drive project insights, and ensure stakeholder confidence. 

The Real Estate Developers Handbook: Budget Tracking Best Practices

With the ability to effectively centralize and compare the budget, contracts and costs, a developer can prevent future issues on a development project. 

The Real Estate Developers Handbook: The Role of Budgets in CRE

In this series, we delve into the compelling reasons why meticulous budget tracking is the cornerstone of prosperous real estate development projects.

Rabbet Vantage Homepage Meta Image

Rabbet Introduces First Generative AI Feature for Construction Finance

Rabbet, the leading provider of construction finance software, today launched its cutting-edge generative AI feature, Rabbet Vantage. Applying Rabbet's conversational query experience to the wealth of construction finance data tracked... Read More


Canadian Real Estate Taxes Made Simple: A Comprehensive Guide

(Please note that significant tax changes were implemented in 2023 after this article was written. Check with a qualified tax advisor to understand any relevant updates to the law.) Understanding... Read More

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Berkadia Doubles FHA Financing Servicing Capacity by Partnering with Rabbet

Rabbet, the leading provider of construction finance software announced today that it has partnered with Berkadia, the top FHA construction loan servicer, to double servicing capacity. Berkadia’s adoption of Rabbet’s... Read More



Timely payments to general contractors and subcontractors reduce project risk, added costs, and delays. Rabbet’s 2022 Construction Payments Report dives into what happens when those payments don’t arrive on time... Read More