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Category: Loan Servicing

Rabbet/AvidXchange Announcement

Rabbet Announces Partnership with AvidXchange to Enhance the Invoice Management Process for Real Estate Development Teams

Rabbet, the leading provider of real estate development management software, today announced a partnership with AvidXchange, the leading provider of accounts payable (AP) and payment automation solutions for the middle market to enhance the invoice management process for real estate development teams.



The 2021 State of Construction Finance Report dives deep into how processes and perceptions of construction finance have changed as well as what these processes could look like in the future.

Rabbet Lender Document Blog V

Lenders: Be Mindful of the Documentation You’re Requiring

The terms “construction” and “loan” often evoke images of endless paperwork. Combine the two, and that paperwork can amount to a small forest. Significant documentation will always be a part... Read More

Three Loan Servicing Challenges and Process Automation Solutions

Three Loan Servicing Challenges and Process Automation Solutions

Loan servicing has a lot of paper. We recently attended the American Banker-hosted webcast Addressing Market Needs for Business Process Automation. The focal point of the panel discussion revolved around... Read More