Future-Proof Your Construction Lending Program

The United States is experiencing one of the most prolonged economic growth cycles on record. This cycle has led to an expansion of the commercial construction industry with growth expected through 2020. However, in addition to the “what goes up must come down” history of recessions, signs of a potential downturn are peeking their heads up from behind the cinder block. We’re beginning to see subtle signs of a slowdown, like the upward inching of interest rates and inflation, and not so subtle signs, like skyrocketing costs for materials and trade wars.

The anticipation of tomorrow’s competitive landscape and the dynamics of technological advances are forcing banks to assess their ways of doing business from an economic, process, and regulatory standpoint. In the face of these uncertainties, it is vital for banks to understand and seek opportunities to improve efficiencies and profitability.

Rabbet has produced a White Paper: Future-Proof Your Construction Lending Program with insights into the market conditions that may lead to an economic downturn and how lenders can begin to prepare their construction lending programs today to thrive under any market conditions. It sheds more light on how best you can achieve a high level of profitability in your construction loan portfolio by leveraging new technologies to take care of manual and administrative tasks.

Some say, rightly so, that it is the best of times. The recommendations in this report help lenders thrive now and in the worst of times.

White Paper Topics:

  • Subtle and blatant signs of a slowdown
  • What a recession looks like for lenders
  • Current process challenges within construction loan administration
  • How to optimize your construction lending processes today and for a future slowdown
  • Learn how to reduce risk, automate processes, consolidate tools, and improve customer experience to improve profitability

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