Will Mitchell Presents Construction Payments Study Findings to The Society for Construction Solutions

Contract Simply CEO Will Mitchell recently presented preliminary findings from the Contract Simply First Annual Construction Payments Report as the keynote for the Society for Construction Solutions (SCS) at the Capital Factory in Austin, TX.

SCS is a global network of construction industry professionals, entrepreneurs, investors, and researchers who meet as local chapters to influence the technological advancement of the construction process.

Will shared preliminary findings from the study focused on the impact slow payments have on developer projects. As part of the study, we surveyed subcontractors on how they floated payments while they were waiting for payment from the general contractor. The majority of the survey participants use a line of credit, or business savings account to pay their subcontractors and vendors while waiting for draw payments from both the lender and general contractors to be released. We also asked respondents to estimate the additional cost that slow payments add to their overall project expenses and how much of a discount they would be willing to offer if paid net 30.

According to PWC, Engineering and Construction suffer from the most extended days sales outstanding in the US at 54 days. The preliminary results of our study confirm that data; both the costs to contractors and the industry as a whole are dramatic. We’ll publish the details of the research and recommendation for expediting the payment process soon.

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