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Budget Management

Create and manage a budget that delivers uncompromised financial details throughout the life of a project

Rabbet helps you centralize, manage, and track your budget with accuracy so you and your team can make proactive decisions at all stages of the project. Rabbet ties all of your data together so you can operate more proactively instead of reactively.

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Product Features

Create and Adapt Budgets

Rabbet has budget creation and editing tools that provide flexibility as budgets evolve. Various levels of budget detail can be maintained in Rabbet so that each party has access to their desired detailed without sacrificing the fidelity of the values.

Shared Project Budgets

Rabbet delivers a reliable budget that provides the most current and accurate financial record of the project. All transactions that affect the amount remaining in the budget are digitally connected to the underlying events and supporting documents.

Track Reallocations and Changes

Rabbet provides multiple, seamless workflows for adjusting the budget depending on the need. All changes to the budget can be associated with supporting documentation, user approvals, and contextual details.