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Rabbet is your competitive advantage.

Differentiate yourself by leveraging Rabbet's project dashboards and insights that help you highlight elevated risk. This information helps you and your team better decide where to prioritize your time and resources.

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Better Processes. Faster Results. More value for your clients.


increase in capacity without adding new team members


hours or less per draw report

Instant visibility for your clients

Real estate developers trust Rabbet to support projects from $500,000 to over $500 million

Before Rabbet, I could do only one project a day which is not great. Now with Rabbet, I can get through 3-4 projects in a day depending on the size of the project. Rabbet more than doubles my performance per day so I, alone, am over twice as efficient."

Rabbet helps your team achieve your business goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Rabbet different from other construction loan monitoring software?

Other construction loan monitoring software only organizes the construction loan management process. Rabbet actually reduces the number of time-consuming, error-prone steps while surfacing powerful project information from disconnected spreadsheets and PDFs.

Does my client have to use Rabbet?

No. Rabbet helps you streamline workflow and provide powerful reporting to clients that can be branded with your own logo and colors.

I already have spreadsheet macros and efficient processes, how can Rabbet help?

We love spreadsheets and macros too. We automatically extract information from your powerful spreadsheets and make it easy to access for everyone on your team. Never send a spreadsheet back and forth again or worry about data staying consistent each time it changes hands. Once uploaded, you can customize columns, sort fields and structure data directly within Rabbet.

How hard is it to learn this software?

We make it as easy for you as possible! Our software is intuitive and we also have our amazing Customer Success Team to guide you through onboarding and through your continued use of Rabbet. That's right! We have a team of REAL PEOPLE ready to help you with any questions that may come up when you're in the software. We also have an in-app chat feature that allows you to send us inquiries and questions 24/7.

Why did you build Rabbet?

In the US, contractors finance more than 54 days of accounts receivables on average — the longest of any industry. This is an undue burden on small businesses and an untapped opportunity for lenders. Rabbet works to speed construction loan funding to benefit everyone involved in construction financing.