Real Estate Developers

Make better decisions in real time.

Built by real estate experts, Rabbet enables developers to manage their entire portfolio in one complete system. Reliable project data in real time gives your team the ability, clarity and foresight necessary for growth.

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Rabbet SCREEN EXPORTS Developers

Accurate, aggregated, and organized data.


Less time managing draws and reporting


Less manual entry


Faster draw process

Real estate developers trust Rabbet to support projects from $500,000 to over $500 million

With Rabbet, all of your projects are in one space online, instead of all over the place in your files. The platform gives great visualization to help you understand how much money had gone into your project and how much money has gone out of it... I love it.

Rabbet helps you achieve your business goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We already have a project management and/or an accounting system. Why is Rabbet different?

Rabbet is purpose-built for managing construction finances and compliments your existing project management and accounting tools. That’s why Rabbet seamlessly connects to your current systems, tools, and processes. We currently have integrations/connections with AvidXchange, Nexus, and Yardi. Because Rabbet automatically parses information from documents, you can get all the benefits of automatic reconciliation, instant compliance, and easy approvals without duplicating your work in these other systems.

Does my lender have to use Rabbet too?

In short, no. Rabbet is the only construction finance platform that offers a standalone experience for real estate developers. The platform makes it easier for developers to meet lender requirements with less effort. However, we encourage you to ask your lender about Rabbet so they can review your requests faster.

How do I start using Rabbet?

With just one chat! Submit a request for a meeting with a member of the Rabbet team. We will learn what your specific business goals are help you understand where and how Rabbet can bring value to your team and your current processes. Our goal is not to tell you how to do your job. Our goal is to help you and your team work more efficiently. Once you and your team are onboarded into Rabbet, we certainly don't leave you hanging here. Our Customer Success team is a group of REAL PEOPLE who will be your point of contact as you learn and use Rabbet. We also have an in-app chat function where you can chat directly with our support team in real time.

Can I use Rabbet if I am halfway through my project?

Yes! You never need to utter the words, “I wish I found this sooner.” The platform works seamlessly with inflight loans. Loading historical draws is not required, but we do recommend it to improve your portfolio reporting experience. It’s easy to onboard project history yourself, or our team can get you set up.

Why did you build Rabbet?

Contractors finance more than 54 days of accounts receivables on average — the longest of any industry. Developers have the burden of acting as the middle man between lenders and contractors and spend an outsized amount of time on this responsibility without seeing much value. It’s the process, not the people, that leads to slow payments, and Rabbet is on a mission to support the connected construction economy in achieving frictionless finance.