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Connected information simplifies draw preparation

Intelligent automation makes construction finance frictionless, so you can spend less time preparing draws and get your contractors paid faster.

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Spend Less Time Preparing Draws

Automate the time-consuming, error-prone tasks involved in submitting draws. No more updating one-off spreadsheets, entering numbers from PDFs, or digging for documentation.

Pay Vendors Faster

Easier draw preparation and faster disbursements mean timely payments to vendors. Keeping contractors happy means they stay on your project and motivated to meet deadlines.

Collaborate with All Stakeholders

It’s finally possible to streamline your internal processes. Each draw you create is automatically translated and tailored to satisfy individual lender requirements for instant compliance.

Submit Your Draws with Confidence

The Contextualized Construction Draw format logically connects information for convenient review of each line item. Proactive alerts ensure the request is complete and accurate, eliminating unnecessary back and forth with your lender.


We aim for transparency in all that we do. Additional services are available. Press Get Started below to discuss a package that fits your needs.


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Unlimited project size

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per draw

Price is based on project size

All levels include:
  • Functionality for multiple funding sources
  • Automated document classification and information extraction
  • Advanced checks for the most common lender standards as well as custom rules
  • Electronic package approvals
  • Customer success managers with expertise in construction lending
icon developers additional services Rabbet offers additional services such as onboarding history for inflight loans, custom portfolio reporting, and on-site training.
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"Our lender introduced us to Rabbet for a single project, and we couldn't be more excited about the platform. It takes the headache out of keeping up with various lender requirements — who doesn't want that? We're expanding it to our entire portfolio."

- Rae Arora
Project Manager

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"With Rabbet, if the person who does our requisitions goes on vacation, I can pick it up the next day and confidently know what is needed to complete a perfect draw package. I don't know why anyone in my industry wouldn't want this."

- Eli Weiss

Frequently Asked Questions

We already have a project management and/or an accounting system. Why is Rabbet different?

Rabbet is purpose-built for managing construction finances and compliments your existing project management and accounting tools. Because Rabbet automatically parses information from documents, you can get all the benefits of automatic reconciliation, instant compliance, and easy approvals without duplicating your work in these other systems.

Does my lender have to use Rabbet too?

Rabbet is the only construction finance platform that offers a standalone experience for real estate developers. The platform makes it easier for developers to meet lender requirements with less effort. However, we encourage you to ask your lender about Rabbet so they can review your requests faster.

Can I use Rabbet if I am halfway through my project?

Yes! You never need to utter the words, “I wish I found this sooner.” The platform works seamlessly with inflight loans. Loading historical draws is not required, but we do recommend it to improve your portfolio reporting experience. It’s easy to onboard project history yourself, or our team can get you set up.

Why did you build Rabbet?

Contractors finance more than 54 days of accounts receivables on average — the longest of any industry. Developers have the burden of acting as the middle man between lenders and contractors and spend an outsized amount of time on this responsibility without seeing much value. It’s the process, not the people, that leads to slow payments, and Rabbet is on a mission to support the connected construction economy in achieving frictionless finance.