AP Integration

Rabbet and Nexus

Through Rabbet's integration with Nexus, Rabbet customers can now sync all invoice images and related cost information to the NexusPayables software and their general ledger automatically.

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How Nexus Connects to Rabbet

Rabbet integrates with NexusPayables. Simply press “Post” in Rabbet and invoices, record of approval, and detailed cost information will be available in Nexus. Integrating with Nexus keeps your cost information in one place and helps Rabbet further provide a complete picture of construction projects to improve financial outcomes and foster trust within the commercial real estate industry by reducing risk, time, and errors. An end-to-end solution ensures well-informed invoice approvals, limited data entry, and access to timely cost information. Make better project decisions and eliminate unnecessary reconciliation with Rabbet.

Unite Development & Accounting

Streamlined AP Process

One Source of Truth

Real estate developers trust Rabbet to support projects from $500,000 to over $500 million

“With Rabbet integrated with our Nexus AP system, we now have greater visibility into project budgets while reducing the burden on our accounting team . Everyone can see the information they need to see without unnecessary reconciliation steps. It’s a huge time saver, and it’s easier to see where we can get ahead of potential issues in our projects.”

- Vice President at Regent Partners, John Hamilton