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Centralize Project Documents and Workflow
Automatic Document Reading
Reduce manual entry by up to 90% with automatic extraction of values like dates, amounts, and vendors.
Document Organization
Easily find all project documents with automatic document organization & unlimited storage.
Lien Waiver Tracking
Ensure you have all the appropriate waivers in an easy-to-read table.
Live Budget Tracking
Automatically tie costs to the project budget, which is easy to review in an interactive format.
Retainage Management
Get transparency into current and cumulative retainage withheld by vendor and line item.
Budget Adjustments
Track when, where, and why you reallocated budget among line items.
Funding Source Management
Auto-allocate funds for any order and combination of funding sources.
Automatic Draw Packaging
Compile a complete draw that meets your financing partners' needs in less than 5 clicks—really!
Draw Compliance Checks
Confidently review draws with over 50 automatic quality checks to ensure compliance.
Draw Approval Workflow
Free your team to review and approve draws from anywhere.
Proactively Manage Project Budgets
Document Approvals
Stop losing approvals in email—collect invoice approvals from the right people at the right time.
Commitments Tracking
Know what's committed, spent, and remaining for all your agreements, contracts, and change orders.
Exposures Tracking
Proactively track potential costs so you can make more informed spending decisions.
Job Cost Coding
Standardize costs across projects with your organization's chart of accounts.
Generate Project Report
Automatically populate a standard owners report and instantly download in Word format.
Elevate Communication with Stakeholders
Cash Flow Projections
Create month-by-month cost projections, graph your S-curve, and track budget to actuals.
Third-party Access
Invite equity partners, development partners, or clients for seemless, professional communication.
Branded Experience
Add your logo and colors to in-app experience and all downloadable content.
Expert Guidance
Unlimited Users
Drive collaboration across your team with unlimited internal users.
Expert Support
Construction finance experts available by phone, email or in-app chat.
Knowledge Base
Extensive library of written, visual, and recorded content that documents functionality throughout Rabbet.
Live Webinars
Live interactive webinars offering deep dives into specific content and/or functionality.
Dedicated Training
Private training session with a construction finance expert to help you get the most from Rabbet.
1 session
2 sessions
Support for Third Parties
Third parties accessing Rabbet project(s) also have access to Rabbet support features.

Frequently Asked Questions

We already have a project management system and/or an accounting system. Why is Rabbet different?

Rabbet is purpose-built for managing construction finances and compliments your existing project management and accounting tools. Because Rabbet automatically parses information from documents, you can get all the benefits of automatic reconciliation, instant compliance, and easy approvals without duplicating your work in these other systems.

Does my lender have to use Rabbet?

Rabbet is the only construction finance platform that offers a standalone experience for real estate developers. The platform makes it easier for developers to meet lender requirements with less effort. However, we encourage you to ask your lender about Rabbet so they can review your requests faster.

Can I use Rabbet if I am halfway through my project?

Yes! You never need to utter the words, “I wish I found this sooner.” The platform works seamlessly with inflight loans. Loading historical draws is not required, but we do recommend it to improve your portfolio reporting experience. It’s easy to onboard project history yourself, or our team can get you set up.

Why did you build Rabbet?

In the US, contractors finance more than 54 days of accounts receivables on average — the longest of any industry. This is an undue burden on small businesses and an untapped opportunity for lenders. Rabbet works to speed construction loan funding to benefit everyone involved in construction financing.

Increase Productivity. Improve Collaboration. Gain Visibility.

  • 50% less data entry
  • 75% less time managing documents
  • 1 place to track everything
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