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Advanced contract management

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Basic project management

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Cash flow projections

$5000 Platform Annual Subscription Includes: Connection with and QuickBooks Online, and access to Rabbet API

$5000 Platform Annual Subscription Includes: Connection with AvidInvoice and NexusPayables, and access to Rabbet API

$10,000 Platform Annual Subscription Includes: Connection with Yardi Voyager and MRI Information eXchange or Custom integration (addt'l fees apply), and access to Rabbet API

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Access customized project reports, connect with accounts payable software, manage multiple teams, and more.

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Budget Management
Adaptive budgets
Budget creation and editing tools that provide flexibility as budgets evolve.
Budget adjustments
Track when, where, and why reallocating were made between line items.
Line item history
See historical costs, contracts, documents, and change history with one click.
Funding source management
Track funds for any combination of funding sources and allowed uses.
Document Management
Email to Rabbet
Collect documents from vendors or easily forward to Rabbet without downloading & uploading.
Automated document indexing
Automatically extract data like dates, amounts, and vendors.
Document approval workflow
Coordinate invoice approvals from the right people at the right time.
AP integration
Connect with AvidXchange, Nexus, or Yardi Voyager. Not on this list? Ask sales how we work with your system.
Draws & Reports
Draw packaging
Produce an accurate & organized draw summary (xlsx) and draw package (pdf).
Automated rules
Confidently submit draws thanks to automatic quality checks to ensure compliance.
Draw approval workflow
Coordinate approvals to create an auditable history that ensures compliance with your internal governance.
Project report
Translate project & draw data to a monthly project report download (docx). Premium report includes cash flow projections.
Team Collaboration
Centralize comments among users that have access to the project.
Assign approvals, comments, and questions. Users see a to-do list of items across the projects they manage.
Access for consultants
Invite accounting, property management, or draw management consultants to collaborate.
Custom branding
Feature your brand in-app, on downloads, and on email notifications.
Access for partners
Invite equity partners, development partners, or clients for seamless, professional communication.
Contract Tracking
Change orders
Keep record of executed change orders and associate them with budget adjustments.
Vendor contracts
Track all agreements, contracts, and change orders for each vendor.
Exposure tracking
Proactively track PCOs and exposures so you can make more informed budget decisions.
Cost to contract management
Tie cost to specific contracts and accurately track out-of-contract costs.
Anticipated cost report
Proactively monitor for budget overages taking into account contracts, change orders, exposures, and costs. Advanced includes higher fidelity from cost-to-contract tracking.
Cash flow projections
Cost modeling
Model budget using time & rate parameters to create a monthly spend forecast.
Automated reforecasting
Compare actual costs and automatically reforecasted remaining budget to original projection.
Capital source projections
Leveraging funding source management (see Budget Management), predict funding source requirements by month.
Benchmarks & Insights
Self-serve reports
View all data points across projects and create comprehensive reports that can be exported to xlsx or csv.
Portfolio dashboard
Visual representation of costs, schedule, and milestones to draw meaningful conclusions about your portfolio.
Reporting API
Interface to send project and draw information to other systems.
Expert Guidance
Customer success manager
Strategic advisor to provide guidance and reporting to support you in achieving your goals with Rabbet.
Customer support
Rabbet experts available by phone, email, or in-app chat.
Unlimited users
Drive collaboration across your team with unlimited internal users.
Product training & education
Training plan, video resource library, live webinars, and robust knowledge base.

Frequently Asked Questions

We already have a project management system and/or an accounting system. How is Rabbet different?

Rabbet is purpose-built for managing construction finances and compliments your existing project management and accounting tools. Because Rabbet automatically parses information from documents, you can get all the benefits of automatic reconciliation, instant compliance, and easy approvals without duplicating your work in these other systems.

Will my lender accept draws from Rabbet?

Rabbet also provides solutions to lenders for draw review, so the software is very in-tune with lender requirements. Lenders report that draws created by Rabbet are more accurate and organized than draws created outside of Rabbet. Our customers have never had a draw created by Rabbet not accepted by a lender.

When is the right time to add a project to Rabbet?

We recommend adding projects sometime between first cost incurred during predevelopment to about 3 months remaining in construction. Rabbet provides tools to onboard history for inflight projects.

Increase Productivity. Improve Collaboration. Gain Visibility.

  • 50% less data entry
  • 75% less time managing documents
  • 1 place to track everything
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