AP Integration

Rabbet and Yardi

Customers using both Rabbet and Yardi can now seamlessly send invoice images and cost information to Yardi Voyager® to manage accounts payables, the general ledger, and payments.

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How Rabbet works with Yardi

Rabbet now integrates with Yardi Voyager® to bring greater visibility and proactive cost management to development and construction projects. Make better project decisions and eliminate unnecessary reconciliation by connecting Rabbet and Yardi.

An end-to-end solution ensures well-informed invoice approvals, limited data entry, and access to timely cost information. The result is real-time context for project decisions, stronger communication across teams, and greater controls over data integrity.

Unite Development & Accounting

Streamlined AP Process

One Source of Truth

Real estate developers trust Rabbet to support projects from $500,000 to over $500 million

“Our goal has always been to connect the people and data of construction finances. Yardi represents a key piece in that goal through their long-standing commitment to the real estate industry. By building a bridge between Rabbet and Yardi Voyager, we are improving the speed of information and collaboration for real estate companies’ development projects. The result is simultaneously a complete financial picture for the development teams using Rabbet and accounting teams using Yardi.”

- Rabbet CEO and CoFounder, Will Mitchell