Construction Loan Software in NYC

Construction Loan Software in NYCRabbet’s construction loan management software is designed to make each step of the construction loan process as simple as possible. Many mundane tasks associated with managing construction loans, including payment disbursements and tracking (with every lien release automatically tied to the payment), managing project timelines, document management and approvals, as well as providing transparency for all stakeholders, from lenders to borrowers and contractors, can be automated via Rabbet’s AI powered software solution..

How Can You Use Rabbet’s Construction Loan Software NYC?

Simplify creating projects. Establish project boundaries to organize the important information and set the criteria that your client’s project financing must adhere to.

Uploading documents and digitizing data are two of the most common tasks.

Draw packages, invoices, as well as other documents, can be uploaded. Rabbet will automatically attach papers to pertinent line items and digitize the data, eliminating the need for manual intervention and reducing tedious manual labor.Workflows and reporting can be made more efficient.

Loan paperwork is analyzed by Rabbet and concerns are alerted to users as well as full data being accessible for reporting. Rabbet allows you to keep track of approvals, workflow, and project status all in one place under a single user-friendly software solution.

What Distinguishes Rabbet from Other Construction Loan Software Programs?

Other construction loan monitoring software may serve to add some streamlining to the construction loan management procedure.

However, Rabbet reduces the amount of time-consuming, error-prone tasks while also revealing valuable project information from disparate spreadsheets and PDFs, which could otherwise be lost.

With Rabbet, you see up to 60% faster draw processing with up to 75% less manual work!

Features of Rabbet:

  • Automatic checks for rules & covenants
  • Document to line item assignment
  • Internal approval tracking
  • Complete budget tracking
  • Draw history / automatic rollover
  • Document classification
  • Dynamic Reporting Templates
  • Document info extraction
  • Lien waiver reconciliation
  • Detailed use tracking
  • Access for third parties
  • Custom reporting

Ways Lenders Use Rabbet’s Construction Loan Management Software:

1. Collecting, Parsing, Analysing, and Structuring Draw Documentation
2. Obtaining Approvals
3. Centralizing Information
4. Running Construction Loan Management Reports
5. Distributing Payments

Why Should You Be Using Rabbet’s Construction Loan Software in NYC?

Draw Reviews at Exceptional Speed – By removing stages and streamlining processes, you may increase productivity and reduce the amount of time it takes to assess draw requests – up to 60% faster.

Centralized Projects

Spend significantly less time sifting through emails and other documents. To maintain financial integrity, all information is neatly collected in one location and workflows are standardised. Reducing a noticeable amount of manual labour results in increased profits.

Prompt Client Responses

Regardless of whether your team is engaging with coworkers, business partners, or clients, they always have the budget visibility they need to provide responses promptly and efficiently.

Reports And Dashboards with A Lot of Power

Get a clear picture of what’s going on across your whole portfolio with configurable dashboards and reports that provide actionable information – all backed by Rabbet’s proprietary AI driven platform.

Increased Project Capacity

By removing hours of needless work and replacing manual processes with automated workflows, you can enable your team to take on more tasks as well as focus on those tasks that really matter.

Construction Loan Software in NYCRemote Working Made Easy

Rabbet allows you to stay connected with your team, whether you’re at home, in the office, or on the job site. Seamlessly coordinate permissions and ensure that everyone is kept up to date.

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