Rabbet Introduces First Generative AI Feature for Construction Finance

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Rabbet, the leading provider of construction finance software, today launched its cutting-edge generative AI feature, Rabbet Vantage.

Applying Rabbet’s conversational query experience to the wealth of construction finance data tracked on Rabbet transforms how commercial real estate owners, lenders, and servicers interact with financial data, ushering in a new era of efficiency and insights.

Rabbet is a software that accelerates construction finances by storing, organizing, tracking, and standardizing project information such as costs, agreements, and other documents for commercial real estate professionals. Vantage will help Rabbet users maximize the value of their existing data in Rabbet, gain a more complete picture of their portfolio, and arrive at answers and insights faster. This feature answers questions about critical financial data, performs analyses, and provides real-time insights using simple, everyday language. 

Key advantages of Rabbet Vantage:

  • Instant Access: find information effortlessly with instant responses to questions asked in plain language
  • Increased Efficiency: analyze information quickly without having to navigate the application or generate reports
  • Risk Detection: uncover potential issues, enabling teams to prioritize the most impactful outcomes

Will Mitchell, Rabbet’s CEO, expressed excitement about the transformative impact of the Rabbet Vantage saying, “Rabbet has always been a powerful solution that helps the construction finance industry leverage project data to make better decisions. Now with Rabbet Vantage, Rabbet users can spend even less time searching for important information. I’d even say they can consider it the fastest analyst on their team. This solution represents our commitment to empowering our clients and driving innovation in the construction finance space.”

Rabbet Vantage will revolutionize how CRE professionals approach financial data and analysis. By offering a user-friendly, conversational interface, Rabbet empowers its customers to unlock the full potential of their financial workflows and make data-driven decisions with ease.

Rabbet Vantage is available to a select group of customers. Interested real estate developers and construction lenders can learn more and join the waitlist today. 

About Rabbet
Rabbet is transforming the construction finance industry with tailored solutions that provide a complete picture of construction and asset management portfolios. Designed for real-time workflows and comprehensive insights, Rabbet enables real estate developers, construction lenders, and related service providers to lower operational costs, make more informed decisions, and earn trust with other financial stakeholders. Founded in Austin, TX in 2017, Rabbet has improved visibility and efficiency for over $50B in construction and capital expenditure projects. For more information about Rabbet, visit rabbet.com.