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Author: Will Mitchell


Why Rabbet Integrates with AP and Accounting Systems

Why is Rabbet building integrations with every major accounting software? Development management and accounting are distinct and important activities for any real estate developer. Like drywall and paint, both are... Read More

best practices for change orders

9 Best Practices for Managing Change Orders as a Real Estate Developer

When planning the project, you predict uncertainty by including a contingency. The change order is the process of transforming this uncertainty into a certainty.

Partner ESI Selects Rabbet for Enhanced Visibility Across Billions of Dollars in Construction

Partner ESI Selects Rabbet for Enhanced Visibility Across Billions of Dollars in Construction

January 19th, 2021 - Original Press Release: Businesswire Torrance, CA - Partner Engineering and Science, Inc. (Partner), a national engineering, environmental, and energy consulting firm has announced it will adopt... Read More

Construction Lending

Is Construction Lending Safer than Stabilized Assets?

Last week Rabbet sponsored the Mortgage Banker’s Association’s “Bank CRE Lending Report & CREF Ecosystem Outlook”. During which a panelist from a major US bank purported that construction lending is... Read More

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Actionable Intelligence for Construction Loan Administration

Construction Loan Administration has an abundance of data. In recent years, the ability to quickly structure that vast amount of data has made obtaining Actionable Intelligence possible. Learn how.

slow pay newsletter

How Slow Payments Impact the Entire Construction Industry

Our relationship with money has changed. As cash has become disassociated with the tangible asset in your wallet, we’ve increasingly seen money as 1s and 0s in bank accounts and... Read More

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The Custom-Fit Failure of Digital Transformation

Enterprises are expected to spend $1.3 trillion in digital transformation projects this year. Unfortunately, about 70 percent of those investments—adding up to more than $900 billion—will be wasted.  For digital transformation to... Read More

2019 State of Construction Finance Report

2019 State of Construction Finance: Key Takeaways

They say it takes a village to raise a child. In reality, it also takes a village to raise a building (the opposite of razing a building, which is very... Read More

DSC 0165

2018 Year In Review

Contract Simply is now Rabbet. We’re the same company – just with a new name – building the only intelligent construction finance platform. The content of this post has been... Read More

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Fractional Ownership is Bad for the US Retail Investor

At the CRETech Conference last week, Brad Griewe of Fifth Wall Ventures and Josh Stein of Harbor discussed the three main benefits of fractional ownership of real estate being: (more…) Read More