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Author: Will Mitchell

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2018 Year In Review

When 2018 started, we had five people in a small co-working office in North Austin. We had hired our second engineer only about a month earlier and had just recruited... Read More

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Fractional Ownership is Bad for the US Retail Investor

At the CRETech Conference last week, Brad Griewe of Fifth Wall Ventures and Josh Stein of Harbor discussed the three main benefits of fractional ownership of real estate being: (more…) Read More

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Contract Simply Product Demo Video

Curious to see what machine learning in banking looks like for construction lenders and borrowers? We were too, so we built technology that combines AI and machine learning to change... Read More

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Draw Processing: Why Lenders and Borrowers Disagree

Lenders want to release a draw request as quickly as possible. Why? Because a construction loan does not start accruing interest until the funds are disbursed. On the other side,... Read More